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In today’s competitive market, the need to be able to attract the very best talent available is more important than ever. With this in mind, how does your business ensure that it is recruiting the very best candidates on the market?

In order to ensure candidates can perform your ask, FMCG Executive Network are able to design and deliver a full suite of assessment products to allow our clients to see exactly what each candidate can do in practice rather than just in theory.

FMCG Executive Network’s assessment products are designed to align with each individual client’s competencies. We work in partnership with our clients to objectively assess each individual trait critical to success when hiring.

We can offer:
Job profiling - Enables you to identify the behavioural requirements of a job which will help you recruit the right people for the right job, identify development needs, restructure roles and redeploy talent.

Personal Profile Analysis - Provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, giving you a greater level of certainty when recruiting.

General Intelligence Assessments - GIA measures a person’s mental horsepower and gives you a prediction of their potential to grasp a new role or respond to training by answering questions such as - can they think on their
feet? Could they be a high flyer? Are they problem solvers?

SHL Verbal and Numerical Reasoning – SHL Verbal and Numerical Reasoning tools look at an individuals ability to interpret numbers and words. It allows you to predict future potential to reason effectively both in conversation and when looking at data and facts. These tests can be completed both online and in paper and pencil format.

16PF Psychometric profiling - The 16PF personality questionnaire measures a set of 16 traits that describe and predict a person's behaviour in a variety of contexts, it aims to provide comprehensive information about an individual's whole personality, revealing potential, confirming capacity to sustain performance in a larger role and helping identify development needs.

Assessment Centres

  • Negotiation role-plays
  • Critical thinking Presentations
  • Prioritisation Exercises
  • Management Style Role-plays
  • Group Exercises
  • Key competency interviews

Our assessment products are designed to drive objectivity and rigor into the hiring process. Each centre is run by a lead facilitator who will train the client’s hiring managers on all aspects of the process. Each exercise will have a member of the FMCG Executive Network team working in partnership with the client team to ensure that everyone is measured in an objective and consistent manner.

The FMCG Executive Network process will allow clients to assess a candidates ability in a thorough way against a pre determined set of competencies needed to succeed in the role. This process will then allow the client to better understand the candidates strengths and ability as it will have been proven rather than interviewing a candidate and talking through the competencies in a hypothetical way.