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FMCG Board Appointments
Under the supervision of Barrie Moore and Russell Moore (Chairman), FMCG Executive Network provides a comprehensive and results-orientated Search and Selection process for all Mid-Management/Board Appointment assignments. We strive to work in synthesis with our clients and take time to understand both the culture and specific business needs. We are able to commence projects on either a fully confidential basis or market knowledge.

Once we have taken time to analyse your business requirements, a Senior Director, along with one of the senior partners will engage in an 18 stage managed search and filtration process. This offers your business the most effective and thorough solution to your specific requirements. We endeavor to meet every client to crystalise the project details.

The short-list we produce will be matched to the skills necessary, your personal specification and to the culture of the organisation; all candidates will have been thoroughly screened through reference checking, profiling and competency based interviewing techniques.

If you are a client considering a board appointment or a candidate already operating at this level please feel free to contact Barrie Moore for further information.